1:1 Installation

Client: Great Western Studios

Sector: Exhibitions & Events

Commission: 2013

Launch: 2013

As part of PearsonLloyd’s exhibition 1:1, the design studio transformed the foyer of Great Western Studios’ exhibition space with an installation of 20 three-metre-long plywood boxes. The composition was re-configured routinely throughout the event, demonstrating how furniture can be used to choreograph behaviour and manipulate space; ideas at the core of PearsonLloyd’s practice.

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Measuring 40cm high, the boxes are versatile and their purpose can be altered based on the configuration: individual units are perfect for sitting; two stacked boxes become perch height; and lean height when trebled. By building and stacking the boxes into premeditated configurations, the studio constructed areas that lend themselves to different behaviours – be it chatting in a group, taking a private phone call, or simply observing the surrounding space.

The installation was part of an exhibition that provided insights to the processes behind PearsonLloyd’s work.

PearsonLloyd 1:1 Inside Design was part of the 2013 London Design Festival.