A350 Economy Class

Client: Lufthansa

Sector: Aviation

Commission: 2014

Launch: 2017

The design of the Lufthansa A350 Economy Class focuses on the effect the seat plays within the cabin as a whole, creating a unique traveling environment.

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Drawing inspiration from the ideas of space, time, scale and focus the studio designed a cabin in which the seat is both a singular product with an immediate visual character and part of the whole, in dialogue with its surroundings inside and outside the cabin. Emphasising on craft and textiles, PearsonLloyd designed each seat to be unique and individual based on weaves and colours, yet part of a collective experience, like each passenger’s perception of their travel.

The colour palette of the design is based on a new blue colour breeze design scheme, resembling the sky, the horizon and the feeling of openness that we experience while flying. Drawing inspiration from a modified Lufthansa blue, this new palette and range of blues is used to create a unique effect in the new cabin. The colour of the Seat Cover shifts from dark blue at the windows, where natural light is strongest, towards lighter tones of the colour breeze in the centre of the cabin, visually stretching the space making it feel wider and more inviting. The Cabin interior utilise a metallic silver and blue foil, whose colour shifts reflecting natural light, adding warmth to the design.

Another design element of the cabin is the Brand Panel, a gentle intervention in the cabin, in which the Lufthansa logo is framed on a soft aerofoil shaped panel. The soft blown surface of the panel is in contrast to the crisp precision of the Lufthansa Logo and through being back lit it gives the impression that the panel is floating away from the galley wall.