Connect Sheffield: Wayfinding System

Client: City of Sheffield

Sector: Public Realm

Commission: 2003

Launch: 2006

Asked to design new wayfinding products for the City of Sheffield, PearsonLloyd developed a series of map panels, bus stop flags and tram stop displays that make the information the hero. The real challenge, though, was to tackle the issue of vandalism; glass panes used in the previous wayfinding products provoked around 300 acts of intentional damage a year.

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Instead of making the new products more physically robust, PearsonLloyd designed a series of information totems with back-lit low ion glass panels and stainless steel edges, that are elegant and discrete. While the products are no less perilous than their predecessors, to date, not one pane of glass has been smashed.

The project formed part of the City of Sheffield’s Connect Sheffield pedestrian system: a program that sought to combine pedestrian and transport information in a fully co-ordinated manner across the city.