Client: Modus

Sector: Furniture

Commission: 2012

Launch: 2013

Hem is a new lightweight multipurpose chair for Modus. The studio’s starting point for the design began with a desire to find a viable alternative to the ubiquitous cold cured polyurethane foam products, with internal steel armatures, as they are becoming increasingly difficult to justify on environmental grounds.

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The chair is made up of a simple steel exoskeleton that supports a thin laser cut Polypropylene sheet that is upholstered and then folded into a shell shape. The resulting design is extremely economic in terms of material usage and allows each part of the chair to very easily be separated and recycled at the end of the product’s life.

The chair is remarkably light, thus easy to handle, which makes Hem suitable for hotels, restaurants, and classic workplace settings. Hem is a simple, great value and forward thinking chair serious about minimising environmental impact.