LOX Chair + Barstool

Client: Walter Knoll

Sector: Furniture

Launch: 2010

The fully injection moulded Lox chair took three years of fine-tuning. The curve along the edge of the chair isn’t just decorative; it serves a structural purpose, dissipating the stresses throughout the form. In order to control where the chair is and isn’t flexible, the design studio adjusted the extent of the curve. The result is a chair that enables a very comfortable posture, flexing where the user needs it. The plastic shell simply clips onto a metal post with a star base.

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PearsonLloyd became increasingly interested in the possibilities offered by plastic; this time, it wanted to see how far it could push injection moulding mechanically. The studio produced a one-piece plastic moulding that is both decorative and structural, and simply slots into the swivel-base post. The seat of the barstool is made by a company that specialises in motorcycle seats: the leather is pressed and stretched around the upholstery like a shoe around a last, and clips into the frame for a completely seamless finish.