PearsonLloyd Edge

Client: Modus

Sector: Furniture

Commission: 2013

Launch: 2017

PearsonLloyd Edge is a comprehensive workspace furniture collection including tables, storage and soft seating in freestanding, clustered and linear formats. The PearsonLloyd Edge portfolio has a big scope of application, easily accommodating the varied demands of both work and leisure and catering to the growing crossovers of our hybrid lifestyles.

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Autonomous elements can be combined with desk based or spine based systems to create clustered zones moored to storage elements, components can be scaled up ad infinitum to fit large, open plan spaces or scaled down into individual, stand alone, high value pieces.

The collection is characterised by a distinct design language, achieved through minimal use of materials as well as high level of detail and manifested through a signature light aluminium frame. The result is a fluidity to the aesthetic, which aids seamless links between different working zones.

The system’s versatility allows for multiple compositions perfectly tailored to the individual use of space, creating vibrant and dynamic environments, based on a variety of different zones adapted to a diverse range of tasks. PearsonLloyd Edge eases the transition from one working mode to another, from shared projects and team activities to individual focused work, supporting a multitude of work modes and empowering individuals to work smarter. Energetic, social, creative zones are complemented by sheltered nooks that favour focused, intimate work styles and offer seclusion, privacy and acoustic management. PearsonLloyd Edge also creates informal break out zones, bringing employees together into one community and encouraging the cross pollination of ideas and a company wide interchange of knowledge that is enriching for all.

PearsonLloyd Edge’s enormous flexibility enables agile space planning and fosters creativity making it perfect for today’s multi generational workspace. Full flexibility of configuration is enhanced by a wide scope of materials, colours and finishes, while power and data can be made readily accessible and individual space can be personalised by the addition of accessories.