PearsonLloyd Concepts

Client: Research

Sector: Aviation

PearsonLloyd carries out ongoing independent research into new solutions for airline in-flight furniture seating. Most recently, it looked into economy seating.

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Existing economy seats are generally heavy, basic, antiquated structures that offer little in terms of passenger comfort, so PearsonLloyd explored how economy seating should perform in short-haul and long-haul scenarios and developed a concept for each.

The long-haul economy concept seat is designed simply to increase passenger space. The carbon fibre seat structure significantly reduces weight and increases passenger room, and the number of features is minimised to provide the passenger only with what they need. The result is PearsonLloyd’s most integrated example of function and technology to date.

The studio’s short-haul concept exploits the lack of need for an integrated screen to allow for an ultra thin, ultra light seat, increasing passenger legroom. The headrest bends away from the passenger behind, to create a greater sense of space.