Client: Bene

Sector: Furniture

Commission: 2012

Launch: 2013

The Riya task chair is an example of PearsonLloyd’s continued efforts to rid office furniture of the traditional tech aesthetic, and bring some human touches into the workspace. Like previous products designed by PearsonLloyd for Bene, which include the ground breaking Parcs range and the recently launched Docklands and Bay Chair, it is designed to work across the modern office landscape: in touch-down spaces and open plan zones for collaborative tasks, as well as in quiet areas for focussed individual work.

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Most task chairs require users to root around under the seat and adjust fiddly mechanisms to achieve a good ergonomic fit; consequently few office workers in shared space environments bother to alter their seat. The Riya chair tackles this issue with a new approach to adjustment controls. The chair’s orange controls are designed and positioned in a way that intuitively tells the user what their function is: pull the trigger under the seat to slide the seat forward, press the button next to it to raise or lower, twist the tensioning control round the back to adjust the back tension and push or pull the control lever to lock the tilt mechanism. All the engineering on the underside of the seat is hidden, with the exception of the controls, reducing the possibility for any confusion.

The height adjustable arm is equally minimal; the mechanism enabling it to be raised and lowered is hidden from view. The lumbar support is in the form of a plastic perforated strap, which can twist and expand to adjust to the lumbar horizontally and laterally: super simple, but highly effective. For touch down areas where workers are less likely to alter their chairs, there is the option for a weight sensitive synchro-mechanism.

Working in open plan spaces comes with a set of difficulties though, such as unwanted noise and visual distraction, so PearsonLloyd incorporated a high back option for the chair. Far from an indication of status, the high back acts as a privacy shield, enclosing workers from activity behind them.

As the chair is intended for use in a mobile environment, it is designed with rounded corners; minimising the amount of material used besides reducing bump points. The task chair’s simple form and clean lines provide a great platform for bringing colour and textiles into the office space.