Stack 4

Client: Joseph Joseph

Sector: Product

Commission: 2015

Launch: 2016

Stack 4 is a food waste caddy designed to better manage household compostable waste. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other products from the Intelligent Waste collection.

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Recycling waste falls into two categories: non-compostables and compostables. Food is one of the largest contributors to household waste and disposing of it correctly is a recent development. For this reason, Stack 4 was developed to better serve household needs.

Utilising a self-ventilating system, the caddy works to reduce moisture and odours. An outer shell promotes air flow into the main compartment, allowing air to circulate freely, and preventing odours from building. An integrated odour filter works to absorb and minimise odours and filters air out of the caddy to release any potential moisture build up.

The easy-clean and hard-wearing polypropylene body with a stainless steel handle are dishwasher safe. Inside, the caddy has a liner-retaining hole to ensure bags stay in place and the rim of the removable lid hides any untidy bag overhang. The portable unit is designed to live on a counter top but also fits seamlessly onto the Stack recycling bins.