Street Furniture

Client: City of Bath

Sector: Public Realm

Commission: 2009

Launch: 2013

In tandem with the City Information System, PearsonLloyd has designed a range of bespoke street furniture for the city of Bath. Both the wayfinding and street furniture aim to de-clutter and refashion a network of streets and public spaces in the heart of the city to make Bath easier to understand and more accessible to travel by foot, bicycle and public transport. It is part of a wider Public Realm and Movement Strategy to make Bath one of the UK’s most walkable cities.

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The designs required an aesthetic that would allow Bath to express itself as a contemporary city while remaining in harmony with its extraordinary, picturesque heritage. The first of these designs – benches, cycle racks and bollards – have emerged on the streets. Cast-bronze and timber benches have flowing profiles and a contemporary form, but reflect classic romantic archetypes. The cycle racks are also made from cast-bronze and their circular form is in keeping with the pure geometry of Palladian architecture.