Totem Intelligent Waste

Client: Joseph Joseph

Sector: Product

Commission: 2011

Launch: 2014

Totem is an intelligent waste system comprising a unique range of waste separation and recycling units. The product occupies the same space as a conventional kitchen bin, but includes more functions and provides maximum flexibility for organising waste and recycling.

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The project began with an initial observation that most available solutions lacked functionality or meant compromising on capacity. Three years of extensive design, development and testing have gone into creating an intuitive and practical waste separation unit.  Totem is the first product in the new Intelligent Waste™ concept and category designed for kitchenware company Joseph Joseph. Waste is unavoidable in modern life and we are now more conscious than ever of the need to recycle. Many households have to pre-sort waste before disposing of it, requiring people to improvise and use extra bins that take up precious kitchen space.

Totem offers many more functions than a conventional kitchen bin without compromising capacity. A general waste unit at the top is large enough to accommodate household waste. It’s designed to neatly secure bin liners and incorporate breather vents to make it easy to remove a full liner. The lid is operated by a touch-button release mechanism and a carbon filter located on its underside helps to eliminate odours.  At the base of the unit is a multi-purpose drawer that offers flexible use and includes a removable divider to help separate recycling.

Totem includes a versatile food waste caddy.  It can be stored in the general waste compartment, in the multi-purpose drawer or even on a kitchen worktop.  The whole unit can be moved using an integrated handle at the back and wheels on the base.  Totem comes in two sizes and the body is made of powder-coated steel.