Client: Teknion

Sector: Furniture

Commission: 2014

Launch: 2016

Zones is a comprehensive furniture series comprising enclosures, screens, work and casual tables, seating, lighting, storage, and accessories. Zones enhances the work flow, comfort and productivity of any work environment, integrating across new and existing workplaces.

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The need of versatile and welcoming venues that enable people to work and connect with each other in a natural, informal way is at the core of Zones philosophy.

Informal Productivity
Zones includes a variety of furniture components that can be combined with other to create an all-inclusive office furniture solution. The collection is shaped around the idea of Informal Productivity – an alternative to the traditional office, designed to give users choice and to create work environments that encourage collaborative and private settings.

The collection is based on familiar forms, providing key pieces that act as natural humanising touch points. The functional aspect is reflected through Zones’ ability to transform the office, challenging convention and changing the way people experience work.

Human Office
The emotional, humanistic aspect is fundamental to Zones as the collection supports modern office tasks in a manner that recognizes the human craving for familiarity, warmth, comfort and empowerment. Zones expresses an approach to design that recognizes the human need for spaces that are both practical and pleasurable to inhabit, that help people to feel at home – in the office, via a skilful mix of materials and textures. Drawing upon wood’s inherent warmth and textiles’ play of colour, pattern and texture, the furniture is acting as an antidote to the cool, hard surfaces of technology, offering a visual and tactile richness that can engage and energise people at work.

Zones has received multiple awards including the NeoCon Best of Competition, Gold & Silver Awards, the Good Design & Green Good Design Awards by the Chicago Athenaeum, the AZ Award of Merit, the Design Guild Mark by the British Furniture Makers’ Company and the IDEA Bronze Award by the Industrial Designers Society of America.