Client: Teknion

Sector: Furniture

Commission: 2014

Launch: 2016

Launched at NeoCon 2016 in Chicago, Zones is a comprehensive new workplace furniture collection for Canadian brand Teknion.

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Building upon the 2015 collection ‘Towards New Workplace Paradigms’, Zones responds to concepts of community, mobility and well-being and comprises seating, tables, screens, easels and pods, as well as lighting and accessories. The collection is distinctive not only for its attention to the macro and micro, but also for the way in which it transforms the way people experience work.

The diverse products allow users to create collaborative settings that may be lounge or table based, designed for sitting and standing and can be supported by digital and/or analogue tools. Tables in a variety of sizes and shapes serve meetings of various sizes, whilst chairs, benches, sofas, and stools offer sufficient options to provide practical support and simple comfort.  Screens can be positioned to create a semi-private space within an open plan office to support ever-changing activity.

Stemming from the observation that people need places to escape during the day, Zones includes a series of compact, semi-private work enclosures, or pods, that help to diffuse sound and provide a sheltered place to read, think, talk and write.  The ability to step away from the workstation, to change one’s perspective and to work in quiet and comfort, helps to mitigate stress and preserve cognitive and emotional health.

Zones seating, tables, screens and easels combine in multiple ways to engage participants in project-centred work, inviting people to gather and supporting direct interaction and creativity. The standing height tables help to keep meeting participants alert and focused.  Easels with whiteboard and pin-up functions facilitate the exchange of ideas, as do movable screens that shield against interruptions that break the flow of work.  Digital sharing is supported by the Zones power tower.  Zones also provides a lightweight hat rack, offering a convenient place to hang a backpack or coat nearby.

Wood plays a strong part, honouring simplicity, practicality and the honest use of sustainable materials.  Textiles allow for the full play of colour, pattern and texture, while referencing the warmth of the domestic setting.  Aluminium and high quality plastics add modern detailing.  Zones, with its unique mix of wood, aluminium, plastic and textiles, offers a visual and tactile richness that can engage and energise people at work.  The visual language – which is both professional and informal – finds a balance between comfort and function, softness and rigour, craft and precision engineering.