Teknion 2024

A suite of adaptable products for the agile workplace

In response to the global shift towards more personal, private, and comfortable workspaces, we present New Work, a suite of innovative products for Teknion. These adaptable furniture pieces are designed to support diverse work modes and enhance emotional well-being. The New Work collection includes Aarea chairs, Cosi laptop tables, and Shade Screens, which can be used independently or together to create versatile working environments that meet the demands of the modern, dynamic workplace. New Work facilitates both individual focus and collaborative activities while promoting sustainability by reducing carbon emissions in manufacturing and transportation.

Less material. More comfort.

The Aarea chair range rethinks contemporary workplace seating with its adaptable, ergonomic design and commitment to sustainability. Available in three variants – swivel-based task chair, fixed-leg casual lounge chair, and compact conference chair – Aarea supports a range of activities from task-oriented work to informal collaboration. Featuring zero-waste, 3D-knitted recycled polyester socks and a minimal tubular steel frame, Aarea chairs offer engineered comfort, simple repairability, and a low-carbon footprint. Advanced ergonomic features, including weight-sensitive mechanisms and adjustable components, ensure that Aarea intuitively meets user needs, making it the perfect choice for modern, eco-conscious workspaces.

Your agile office companion

The Cosi laptop table enables agile computing with its fully adjustable design, ensuring ergonomic efficiency for typing, writing, or video calls. Perfectly compatible with Aarea chairs or any seating arrangement, Cosi adapts to various postures, featuring adjustable height settings and tiltable surfaces for optimal comfort. Thoughtfully designed with discrete sliding levers and a rear phone bar for device accessibility and charging, Cosi exemplifies responsive, functional design. Its flat-pack shipping method significantly reduces carbon emissions, making Cosi a responsible choice for modern, flexible workspaces.

Privacy. Focus. Anywhere.

Shade Screen is a versatile mobile screen designed to create adaptable environments in modern workspaces. As a key component of Teknion’s adaptable furniture portfolio, it enables easy reconfiguration of spaces to provide privacy or quiet focus areas. Constructed from lightweight aluminium profiles and textiles, Shade Screen is both portable and efficient, embodying Pearson Lloyd’s commitment to sustainable, functional design. Enhanced with optional features like a ‘Personal Assistant’ accessory, bag drop, shelf, and integrated power, it seamlessly integrates with Aarea chairs and Cosi laptop tables, catering to the evolving demands of contemporary workplaces.