Design Declares

by Pearson Lloyd on 27-09-22
by Pearson Lloyd

Design Declares launches today: a climate emergency declaration campaign to encourage communication, digital, industrial, and service designers to take action on the climate and ecological crisis. Its aim is to connect and build a community of designers, studios, agencies, and institutions which are fed up with a lack of industry momentum and ready to act on the most defining issue of our times.


The campaign urges designers from all disciplines to acknowledge we are in an emergency of climate and nature and offers Eight Acts of Emergency as starting points. There is no requirement to already have policies and action plans in place, but there is an understanding that by signing you are committing towards an improvement in the reduction of your climate impact.


Acts of Emergency

1.  Sound the alarm

2.  Start the journey

3.  Bring clients with us

4.  Measure what we make

5.  Redefine ‘good’

6.  Educate, accelerate

7.  Design for justice

8.  Amplify voices for change


Design Declares will provide a toolkit, which proposes a set of actions, tools, and insights for each Act to support designers in making changes.


We are proud to be a part of the initiative, join us today.