How do we design for your rapidly changing world?
Our process is delivered across four phases, each containing their own unique set of services.


We immerse ourselves in the problem you’re facing


Creating the foundations for our design solution, our discovery phase is a multi-layered immersion in your company, sector, market and customer. We create a tailored programme of research, workshops, analysis and coaching to build a comprehensive understanding of the context and objectives of your project.


  • Brand immersion
  • Research programme
  • Portfolio review
  • Customer analysis
  • Market intelligence
  • Trend analysis


We map opportunities for innovation in your market


We combine more than 25 years of cross-sector experience with the specific insights from your discovery phase to decode complexity and create foresight. With macro thinking and detailed analysis we define personas, landscapes and futures that will identify opportunities for new experiences, behaviours and business models.


  • Foresight modelling
  • Define personas
  • Explore future landscapes
  • Map opportunities
  • Creative direction
  • Define proposition


We design elegant solutions for your customers


Responding to the opportunities in your sector and building on our particular understanding of your context, we develop concepts and prototypes that lead to a tested design solution. We strive for elegant and efficient products, services and systems that respond to user and planetary needs.


  • Innovation roadmap
  • Concept direction
  • Prototyping
  • CMF
  • Design development


We deliver transformation to your organisation


We act as guardians of the design intent with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the opportunity is fully realised. We bridge sales, marketing, art direction and product management to deliver the transformation you need to navigate changes in your world.


  • Implementation guidelines
  • Industrial design
  • Sustainability coaching
  • Art direction
  • Launch support