CoLab NeoCon Gold

CoLab NeoCon Gold

In the past few months at Clerkenwell Design Week and NeoCon we previewed and launched CoLab, our new furniture system for next generation learning and work. We were pleased that the architecture and design community took great interest in this collection that has resulted from primary research into global pedagogy trends.


It was a bonus to win two Best of NeoCon 23 Awards: Gold for Education Solutions and Silver for Collections for Collaboration.


Jurors noted, “In a market where we’ve seen everything, CoLab provides real opportunities for comfortable and intuitive interaction. There are so many thoughtful details built into the design, including integrated standing height tables that double as lecterns, power modules, spacing between cushions to allow spills to pass through, flexibility in reconfiguration, sustainable components that can be reused and recycled, and durable options that hold up in high-use environments.”


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bFRIENDS is growing

bFRIENDS is growing

Our collaboration with Bene and Batch.Works continues to evolve.


Unusually dynamic and expansive, the evolution of this collection is made possible by Batch.Works agile manufacturing systems. Our bFRIENDS desk accessory range is made from recycled bioplastic (RPLA: 0.96 kg CO2e) food packaging waste diverted from landfill. The collection is produced locally, on demand, using additive manufacturing to remove the need for tooling and warehousing, and radically reducing transportation.


The new collection has grown in scale to include a large wall clock, a modular vase system and Christmas decorations. As Batch.Works only uses recycled materials and offers a take-back scheme when their products reach end-of-life, this is a truly circular product.


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SixE goes full circle

SixE goes full circle

Back in 2010, Howe invited us to design a new plastic chair programme. We worked tirelessly to design a form that did not require glass fibre for stiffness, ensuring we avoided composite materials so that the chair could be recycled if it reached end-of-life.

Today, we are proud to relaunch SixE with Howe using non-virgin recycled plastic, making this product truly circular. Our ambitions in 2010 have come full circle.

Watch the film we produced for Howe

Material Matters Podcast

Material Matters Podcast

Listen to our in-depth podcast on Material Matters


In this episode, we spoke to the esteemed design journalist Grant Gibson about:

Why the Egg Chair would not be designed today; our installation at Material Matters 2023; marrying craft and industry; how our material perspective has changed; balancing environmental, social and economic needs; why we’re still using plastic; building out obsolescence; the aesthetics of circularity; bringing contemporary workplace theory to schools; the importance of visible fixings, durability and repair; working with the aviation industry; the problem with paint; meeting at the Royal College of Art; being drawn into the furniture industry; celebrating our differences; and fearing boredom.


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Egg Chair

Egg Chair

Earlier this year we met with Dezeen editor-at-large Amy Frearson to discuss the extensive primary research that underpins CoLab, our next generation learning and work collection for Senator.

While discussing the circular principles of design-for-repair and reversible fixings present within the collection, we began to think about how the material construction of many design classics does not fit with our contemporary understanding of sustainable design.


We collected our thoughts in a short statement that was published to Dezeen a few weeks ago. The directed responses we have received from within the industry have been reassuring. The tides are turning.


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