Pearson Lloyd wins Designer of the year 2023

by Pearson Lloyd on 29-11-23
by Pearson Lloyd

Last night, Pearson Lloyd was awarded ‘Designer of the year 2023’ by Dezeen, the planet’s most influential architecture and design website. Thank you to the judges for recognising the work we do and its role in our rapidly changing world. 


Since starting out in 1997, we have consistently pursued projects that excite us — making choices based more on interest than sector. A quarter-century of avoiding specialisation has, we believe, been worthwhile: resulting in insights into the social, economic and environmental challenges affecting every aspect of life that still energise us to this day. And, more importantly, that remind us of a designer’s responsibility and power to affect change. 


Regardless of whether the focus is the public realm or the commercial sector, design is always a social act. As designers we need to listen to the world around us — it is how we discover opportunities for improving lives. We hold a privileged position and are immensely thankful to the people who allow us to occupy it: our invaluable team, past and present, who work with us to decode vast complexities, our ambitious and trusting clients who enable us to develop our ideas so that they might have a positive impact at scale, and our colleagues in the industry who collectively drive us forward. 


To make any difference in our messy, fragile and inspiring world, we designers have to become more ambitious in challenging the status quo. It is no longer enough to simply shape what is made — we must use our influence to change how things are made. Collectively we have the means to transform industry to the benefit of both nature and humanity.


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