Allermuir Kin

A true family of chairs – designed in unison, combining efficiency and elegance

Designed from the outset as a complete collection, Kin has a genuinely unified identity throughout its component pieces.

Kin is a meditation on the idea of ‘naturalness’ – how anatomical forms are inherently optimised; how liquids take the path of least resistance, their form being dictated by their flow. We responded to the way in which plastic moves through a mould, challenging ourselves to imagine what form plastic might take if it were left to shape itself.

In development, we worked with Allermuir’s engineers to make the most elegant possible use of materials, minimising the amount of both plastic and aluminium without sacrificing structural integrity. Kin’s mono-shell tub, arm, side and stool shells are designed to accept the same set of base types and parts, thus minimising inventory and tooling and further optimising the collection.

Timber leg and upholstery options further enrich a collection with timeless appeal and a distinct sculptural quality.

We developed a congruent colour palette to allow confident expressions both as individual as well as collective installations.