Leadership is changing

New working methods influenced by cultural, demographic and technological change demand new solutions. Following a decade of transformation in the workplace, where collaborative workspaces and settings have revolutionised interaction and organisational planning, the studio embarked on new research for Bene, in 2017, seeking to unlock the future of leadership workstyles and workspace.

PORTS reflects emerging organisational structures and patterns of leadership that are non-hierarchical, more open and more dynamic.

Leadership requires time for thinking and planning and time for engagement and interaction. A collection of three complementary furniture typologies – work lounge, table, storage – PORTS allows organisations to make intelligent workspaces that truly reflect their workstyles and needs; from working solo to working with peers, teams and clients, from private to collaborative, or in a manner that is relaxed or energised.

The collection can be configured to deliver both private offices and fluid open-plan settings for collaborative group work.

Reflecting that leaders are at work wherever they are, PORTS is as relevant in transportation and hospitality environments as in traditional workplace.

The reinterpretation of function is easy, inventive and innovative.

  • The work lounge chair transitions from relaxed work to active work with a new forward tilt ergonomic setting, which encourages concentration and focus.
  • The provision of power is provided with a new power tray, embedding power and data provision within a new table accessory.
  • The classical table quickly transforms into a collaborative meeting space with the provision of sit stand technology that is invisible to the eye.

With super matt paint finishes, soft 3D veneered table tops, tinted anodising, and the highest attention to detail, a new vocabulary of quality replaces traditionally masculine symbols of status with warmth and tactility.