Schott Opal Ray

Where elegance meets functionality

Opal Ray is a combination of practicality and refinement, born from a collaboration between Schott and Pearson Lloyd, this in-seat reading light delivers a functional, compact and intuitive lighting design. Precise engineering and the visually iconic machined array on the bezel not only deliver a point of focus within the seat space of any cabin interior but also deliver great ergonomic control.

With meticulous craftsmanship, Opal Ray presents a unique, compact slimline profile, which facilitates easy installation across a range of surfaces. The anodised finish with a spectrum of color schemes and finishes provides an opportunity to integrate with the surrounding material palette.

Designed with the passenger experience in mind, Opal Ray features intuitive controls; a gentle touch on the faceplate effortlessly activates or deactivates the light, and by the simple rotation of the milled bezel, the generous angle of rotation grants travelers the freedom to adjust the light cone quickly and precisely, ensuring comfort throughout the entire passenger journey.