‘well made’: what it means today

by Pearson Lloyd on 17-06-24
by Pearson Lloyd

Join the conversation to redefine ‘well made’ for the 21st century



The act of making has driven human and cultural evolution for millennia, elevating our existence and surroundings through ingenuity and innovation. However, in recent history, this creative process has been monetised, industrialised and globalised, resulting in rapid social, economic and environmental change. In our collective effort to respond to these challenges, there is a need to redefine our cultural understanding of what it means to be ‘well made.’



Pearson Lloyd is curating a new exhibition at Yorkton Workshops during London Design Festival 2024, which will bring together a diverse array of people and practices to explore ‘well made’ through new forms of production and materiality that respond to the demands of a more ecological future.


We are seeking contributions to this dialogue, highlighting the intersection of creativity, sustainability, and quality. Your contribution must be a manufactured object – not designed by yourself – no larger than 200x200x200mm that we can purchase online in the UK for no more than £20. We are requesting an accompanying text of up to 50 words, where you will be credited. A maximum of 50 submissions will be selected for the exhibition.


Please submit your contribution via this link before July 15th 2024.

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