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Make Shift

Pearson Lloyd on 14th April 2020

The act of making binds together all cultures and all peoples across all time. Making fire, making bread, making tools, making homes – making describes the simple universal acts that have allowed humans to live and thrive across millennia. The word ‘make’ holds a powerful place in our language; make believe, make space, make sense, […]

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Flattening the Curve

Pearson Lloyd on 7th April 2020

2 Metres | Stay Home | Be Kind  

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Yorkton Workshops in the AJ

Pearson Lloyd on 17th February 2020

London-based practice Cassion Castle Architects, explains how he is turning a ramshackle Victorian warehouse building in Yorkton Street, Hackney, into a new studio for designers PearsonLloyd. See the full Architect’s Journal, RetroFirst article here

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10 years of PARCS

Pearson Lloyd on 22nd August 2019

This month marks 10 years of Parcs, a collection of agile furniture offering a more flexible and social office landscape, breaking away from conventional workplace formats. ⁠Bene’s best selling product to date, continues to offer a new style of office interaction – informal, inspirational and communicative.⁠

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