Arconas Avro

Avro is a versatile furniture ecosystem designed to meet the changing needs and behaviours of the modern traveller.

Avro fuses decades of Arconas’ expertise in sector-leading terminal furniture with Pearson Lloyd. The result of this collaboration is a sleek design language that unifies the Avro family – a stand-out seating system that celebrates comfort and practicality, while introducing a fresh, contemporary sophistication into the airport experience.

Created to elevate and enhance today’s passenger experience, Avro offers terminal operators a single, endlessly flexible seating system for all types of travellers. With its combination of elegant design, vivid colours, visionary engineering, and integrated power, Avro elevates any interior space — transforming high-traffic waiting areas into VIP lounge experiences.

Arvo’s structural components are crafted from endlessly recyclable aluminum, and all components are designed to be easily replaceable to minimize waste and maximize Avro’s lifespan.

Avro seating incorporates low-voltage USB outlets in the armrests so passengers can safely and conveniently charge their devices or catch up on work as they move through the airport. The integrated power system offers a safe and secure electrical platform accessible only to maintenance personnel.

Today’s travellers are more discerning than ever before. Avro delivers a richer and more refined passenger experience, in both the elegance of its form and the versatility of its colour palette. With a core range of dark neutrals, as well as warmer tones and vibrant accents, Avro can be customized to suit the surrounding space. Fabrics are easy to remove and replace, so Avro’s upholstery can be readily updated if the seats become worn, or to simply enhance a new interior scheme.