TAKT Cross Collection

Contemporary low-carbon flat-pack furniture direct to the consumer

TAKT is a new Danish furniture brand launched in 2019.

Sold online and direct to the consumer, saving on shipping costs and cutting out wholesalers and retailers, the customer has access to a superior quality product without compromising on affordability or sacrificing ethics.

Flat-pack construction allows the pieces to be posted direct to the consumer from the factory, significantly reducing both shipping costs and therefore energy consumption.

The Cross Chair’s design emerged from a search for a form that would immediately communicate to the user how the design should be assembled, almost without instructions.

Arriving as just four pieces of timber and six screws, the Cross Chair requires minimal assembly instruction and a single Allen key, helping the process to be as intuitive as possible and free from the frustration often found with flatpacks.

The Cross Chair is produced using sustainable wood from FSC-certified forests, eco-labelled Kvadrat wool and aniline leather.  The compact packaging means 6 products  can fit into the same volume as a single assembled chair, minimising CO2 emissions. Designed for disassembly, the Cross-Chair’s components can be easily separated out and worn parts repaired, recycled or replaced.

In spring 2020, the Cross Table and steel Cross Tube chair were added to the collection.

We started working together when the idea of TAKT was only a thought and a vision, and shaping the Cross family of products together has also been a process of crystallising our brand. They have been able to bring a unique combination of classic design skills with a deep interest in modern craftsmanship and a holistic business perspective.
Henrik Taudorf Lorensen Founder and CEO of TAKT