Encore Lift Tourist Class Seat

Optimised weight and minimised part count

The Lift Tourist Class Seat redefines the narrative of aircraft seating by focusing on maintainability alongside the long-lasting comfort of passengers. The seat was later acquired by Adient Aerospace, a joint venture between Boeing and automotive seat maker Adient.

The studio carried out extensive cycle, abuse and dynamic developmental testing to ensure Lift’s long term durability and it is designed to be uncompromisingly ergonomic whilst offering a lower part count and product cost as well as a competitive weight.

The product shows its value by exposing the highly engineered structure; this is unusual for a seat in this class, which are often covered in numerous plastic shrouds. Chosen specifically to optimise the weight and minimise part count commonality, the materials have aesthetic and functional value. The final result is an attractive design with a lower number of parts, product cost and a competitive weight.