Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste

Intelligent Waste – Rethinking the process and architecture of domestic waste and recycling

In 2015, Pearson Lloyd designed the Intelligent Waste collection for Joseph Joseph. The Totem range offers a completely new way of separating household waste and experiencing, on a small scale, the sorting processes necessary to make recycling and reducing our environmental impact possible.

Totem’s innovative horizontal waste separation enables the convenient division of waste without compromising on capacity or encroaching on precious space. It offers a cohesive alternative to awkward domestic improvisations, which often further complicate a household chore. As what we choose to consume, and what we produce as a result of our consumption, grows ever more important, Totem helps us to create positive habits; making responsibly dealing with the by-products of busy lives effortless.

The user-friendly compartments can be quickly emptied, neatly connecting to the strong vertical stand with integrated bag hooks that mean the system can be personalised to meet individual needs.

Totem Max and Compact includes touch-button lid release, a ventilated odour filter compartment and a versatile removable food waste caddy. The caddy is designed in a triangular shape to provide a long edge to make scraping plates mess-free whilst still fitting neatly in either Totem’s upper or lower units.

Since launch, Pearson Lloyd have continued to develop the collection, winning the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2018 with the Totem Compact and Totem Max.

Totem concept has won multiple design and innovation awards, including most recently, a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2018.
Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2018

Totem Pop

In 2020, Joseph Joseph launches the Totem Pop designed by Pearson Lloyd. This clever design combines all your waste and recycling in one compact unit with two compartments arranged vertically.