Lago Londy

Embrace. Wrap. Protect.

Londy is a modular sofa system designed to bring the feeling of home to any environment. The irregular, organic forms of each module sit comfortably together, softening spaces and balancing the linear character of architecture. Londy is like a warm embrace, wrapping and protecting those who inhabit it.

Inspired by islands. Built to harbour.

Each seating module can be seen as a distinct island, with varying shapes and sizes that emulate the diversity found in natural landscapes. Modern in aspiration and organic in form, Londy embodies the essence of both its namesake — the island of Lundy off the coast of Devon in England — and its birthplace, London. The allure of island life shapes Londy — places of retreat and relaxation, where welcoming harbours offer shelter. Shapes reminiscent of pebbles or the contours of islands inform the design, creating a sense of fluidity and harmony.

Minimal parts. Maximum configuration.

Londy is a highly adaptable system, including a choice of two backrest heights to deliver varying degrees of enclosure. Modules are combined to form archipelagos of comfort ready to be rearranged in response to the functional and aesthetic requirements of the creators and users of workspace.