esPattio Libro

Elevate. Define. Declutter.

Libro, our first product for Spanish brand esPattio, part of the Forma 5 group,  is a new modular storage system that brings order and efficiency to both your work and space. An intuitive build principle inspired by stacking chair frames, the design allows users to define their environment while ensuring an open and robust structure.

Light. Colour. Warmth.

Building on the warmth and colour central to esPattio’s southern Spanish heritage, the repeated motif of rolled steel subframes creates a sculptural pattern within space that is welcoming and vibrant. The carefully curated colour palette introduces soft tones into working environments, fostering a more comfortable and contemporary atmosphere.

Modular efficiency. Dynamic storage.

Crafted as a dynamic storage solution, our system is adaptable to any space, allowing for expansion or reduction as needed. Unusually, we drew inspiration from stacking chair frames for the structure, resulting in a resilient and practical frame suitable for the demands of office use. Our innovative design allows the stacking of modular units for convenient storage and transportation, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with delivery.

Long life. Low waste.

At the core of Libro’s design philosophy is longevity. Upholding our circular design principles, we’ve ensured that all fixings are reversible, facilitating easy servicing and part replacement. The modular design ensures adaptability to different uses and spaces by allowing the addition or subtraction of standard components, creating multiple opportunities for reuse. When the product eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle, our use of reversible fixings and mono-materials enables seamless recycling of parts.