Teknion Routes

Routes furniture family for Teknion is a toolbox for a new ‘workplay’ paradigm.

The studios on-going exploration into the changing way we work was informed by the question, why go to work? More pertinent today than ever, we ask what is the relevance of the office? The demands of the workplace have changed. We have seen a shift from optimised productivity environments to a yearning for collaborative, social and agile set-ups. The unforeseen pandemic drew attention to the intangible qualities we have missed so much, being present, engaged and together. The future of work is playful, practical and performative.

Routes responds to trends in working culture that have been emerging over the past decade and which Covid-19’s work-from-home revolution has accelerated. The outcome is a versatile collection of work-tools, providing companies with the furniture that’s easy to specify, assemble and configure. The collection offers adaptable zones where teams can come together to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to solve problems – breaking with convention and introducing a sense of play into the world of work.

Where possible, the pieces are designed for flatpack distribution and self-assembly, allowing for energy-efficient, direct-to-customer shipping that saves both money and environmental impact. In addition, Teknion has created an accessible online platform that makes specifying Routes products simple, fast and efficient, so companies can easily create agile and adaptable, forward-thinking workspaces, perfect for the post-Covid era and the new age of work.