Teknion Zones

Informal productivity at the heart of the workplace

The Zones collection for Teknion is Pearson Lloyd’s most ambitious work yet for the Canadian furniture brand since beginning to work with them in 2014.

The nature of the contemporary workplace has shifted radically in the last twenty years, and continues to evolve rapidly. Today’s knowledge economy is driven by ideas, not products. Facilitated largely by mobile tech, we all work in distributed environments designed to encourage interaction and communication. Through ‘activity-based working’ strategies, we choose our place of work to best suit particular activities, and change location throughout the day in order to achieve our goals – private spaces for concentration, comfortable spaces for conversation, workshop spaces for collaboration.

Zones brings together a mix of postures and ergonomics, tech-enabled but with a comfort, elegance and craft that enhances a sense of wellbeing for its users. Design for productivity, they are nonetheless highly social and informal.

The collection encompasses seating, tabling, enclosures, storage and accessories, and mixes traditional and modern manufacturing to truly reflects Teknion’s history of making.

The collection has received multiple awards including: the NeoCon Best of Competition, Gold and Silver Awards; the Good Design and Green Good Design Awards by the Chicago Athenaeum; the AZ Award of Merit; the Design Guild Mark by the British Furniture Makers’ Company; and, the IDEA Bronze Award by the Industrial Designers Society of America.

We liked Pearson Lloyd's international advantage (their location in Europe), which is akin to our sensibilities. We also liked the fact that Tom and Luke were diversified in other areas. It wasn't just furniture. They were involved in other areas of design. Their international and diversified approach to design, was a great place to start.
Joe Regan Teknion