Lufthansa Business Class

Ensuring this seat is great to use for all

Pearson Lloyd won the project after extensive investigation of cabin space and passenger ergonomics, which resulted in this compelling and elegant design solution. The resulting design provides a lie-flat bed of 1.98metres, and gives the highest possible value and comfort to the passenger, in terms of seat space, functionality and overall cabin environment.

The’ V’ layout of the seat is pivotal to the design. This seat configuration allows all passengers to face forward, but with increased privacy. The layout also allows a maximised bed length and seat width.

The cabin feels more spacious due to increased corridor space and half height monuments offer increased site lines. Space gains allow passengers and crew to pass each other in the aisles more easily and calmly navigate around the cabin.

The design has the added benefit of providing passengers who are travelling together with better privacy and communication, whilst at the same time ensuring that passengers travelling alone have an appropriate degree of separation.

Internally, the shell is lined with the introduction of soft synthetic leather, introducing for the first time the hazel colour, a development of the Lufthansa yellow. When the seat is in the bed mode this becomes the more prominent material, creating a softer and more domestic environment.

The iconic wave-like shell is maintained across the fleet, although the angle of the seats adapt to the craft. In this way, a coherent seat design is offered to the passenger whilst maintaining functional efficiency in terms of component count, head count and cabin design.