Bene bFRIENDS 2023

Our collaboration with Bene and Batch.Works continues to evolve. 

Unusually dynamic and expansive, the evolution of this collection is made possible by Batch.Works agile manufacturing systems. Our bFRIENDS desk accessory range is made from recycled bioplastic (RPLA: 0.96 kg CO2e) food packaging waste diverted from landfill. The collection is produced locally, on demand, using additive manufacturing to remove the need for tooling and warehousing, and radically reducing transportation.

The new collection has grown in scale to include a large wall clock, a modular vase system and Christmas decorations. As Batch.Works only uses recycled materials and offers a take-back scheme when their products reach end-of-life, this is a truly circular product.

New concepts, new materials combinations, new scales, new functions, new characters

The smart system clamps the glass tubes in place, allowing for countless different combinations. Create unique floral arrangements and rearrange them at any time, depending on your mood.

A wall clock with a range of possibilities. Available in two versions: Version 1 (numbers 3, 6, 9, 12) presents a traditional clock face; Version 2 (numbers 5, 9, 12) shows the times of a traditional working day; Version 3 (1, 2, 3) is a minimalist alternative. The clock hands are available in black and white, while the 3D-printed numbers are available in the familiar colours of the bFRIENDS product range.

The bFRIENDS coat stand is a collision of three simple timber poles held together by a central 3D-printed linkage.

Turned-wood and 3D printing combine to form our new wall hooks, lending a touch of modern elegance to a room or hallway.