bFRIENDS - A collection of accessories for home and office using 3D printed recycled bioplastic diverted from post-consumer waste streams

The bFRIENDS accessories collection represents the result of a new joint venture between Pearson Lloyd, long-time collaborator Bene and London 3D print startup Batch.Works. Using 100% recycled bioplastics diverted from post-consumer waste, bFRIENDS is an ambitious project to develop legitimate and deliverable closedloop circular design principles into the workplaceAll products can be returned directly to Batch. Works. to be recycled into material for reprinting and reuse. 

As an additive manufacturing process, 3D printing offers huge advantages over traditional injection moulding processes. Digital tooling eliminates the need for moulds, print on demand eliminates the need for stock and warehousing, and localised production reduces transport costs and carbon. 

The bFRIENDS collection for BENE, is the first of its kind to deliver well-priced accessories using 3D printing technology for the workplace. Comprising of 20 objects in 10 different colours which would be impossible using traditional tools production, the design of the collection really perfectly reflects the additive nature of 3D printing. A single line traces the silhouette of each design, the print nozzle slowly builds up the form of the object without changing, stopping, and restarting. Fun and highly rational, bFRIENDS makes useful objects enjoyable. 

In the true spirit of the start-up culture, in just six months, utilising the iterative benefits of prototyping directly with Batch.Works as the designs developed. The launch marks a small but significant step forwarding the global drive to shift manufacturing from linear production methods to sustainable, closed-loop systems.