R&D Capsule Travel

Capsule Travel, a safe cabin configuration for safe passenger travel.

In the light of Covid 19, Pearson Lloyd has been rethinking the way we fly and developing new strategies to strengthen both our emotional wellbeing and physical comfort in a Covid and post Covid world?

Capsule Travel re-imagines air travel as we know it, providing a flexible cabin configuration for safe passenger travel. In response to customer demands and flight routes, traditional class differentiation is replaced by flexible travel capsules that can be occupied by varying numbers of passengers depending on their needs, budget and Covid bubble requirements. Families and business teams alike travel in their own capsule space, configured to reflect their individual functional needs, whether work, rest or play.

Smart booking and seat allocation systems allows the service to reflect more accurately customer need and maximise the capacity of the cabin environment. In low demand periods or routes, capsules can be allocated to cargo without disruption to customer experience or delays on the ground, in turn minimising the carbon impact of flying low capacity routes or times. Capsule Travel is a strategy that can be deployed in other on the ground transit and public space settings; airport, rail or bus.