Senator CoLab

Next-generation learning and work

Drawing on synthesised insights from 2 years of primary research into global pedagogy trends, CoLab is the outcome of Pearson Lloyd’s intensive project with Senator exploring emerging higher-education models and changing approaches to work.

In collaboration with the Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) at Nottingham Trent University, Pearson Lloyd identified the need for an informal, multi-modal and multi-posture tech-enabled learning space that we referred to as the ‘café classroom’. This new environment enabled by CoLab can be used for both formal learning and informal peer-to-peer collaboration, without the need to reconfigure the space. This leads to a greater efficiency in the use of space and the ability to activate redundant classrooms. 

By creating multiple relaxed and informal learning environments – creative hubs, quiet nooks, social labs, team touchdowns – it expands the classroom beyond the conventional siloed four walls, into the café, library, atrium, corridor, or common room to encourage students and teachers to engage in open discussion and collaboration after more conventional and formal teaching.

Sit, stand or perch

CoLab’s multi-posture design supports a variety of positions and movements, improving engagement and optimising wellbeing. Pick the perfect posture to suit the task, then change when you need to inject fresh energy.

CoLab creates environments that support every mode of work, with an integrated power-distribution system to ensure a mains connection is always in easy reach. Thanks to power running through the central seating spine, workspaces are no longer tied to floor-box layouts.

Durable, repairable and recyclable

CoLab is constructed to combine the robustness and durability needed for everyday use, while maintaining the warm, welcoming aesthetic and engaging tactility of hospitality furniture.

CoLab is designed in accordance with circular design principles, ensuring each component product in the system can be easily repaired. Exposed fixings promote ease of assembly, and simple on-site part replacement. Because no composite materials are used, any parts that do reach end-of-life can be recycled.

We often hear that senior people in traditional organisations are struggling to engage Gen-Z in the workplace. Our research for Senator has shown that we need to understand changes in how education is being delivered to realise new ways of collaborating with younger generations. The majority of senior staff have received a completely different learning experience from those they are expected to manage. CoLab replaces outdated desk-bound dynamics, creating a future-facing furniture system for classrooms and workspaces that nurtures social and interactive learning and work.
Tom Lloyd co founder, Pearson Lloyd
Having worked with Pearson Lloyd for many years, we’ve built a level of trust that has enabled us to collaborate in such a unique way that has resulted in the creation of CoLab, a rigorous design process, rooted in research, made possible by our unrivalled capabilities as one of the world’s leading independent workplace manufacturers. I’m proud to say that this project was made possible by our fierce independence, our natural curiosity to question, and our desire to build lasting relationships — never before has a Senator Group product encapsulated these values that I hold so dear.
Robert Mustoe Managing Director, The Senator Group