A truly circular plastic chair

In 2010, we were invited by HOWE to work on a new plastic chair program with them. The ambition we developed with them was to design a truly circular plastic chair that would become SixE. This brief was very challenging in that to allow for real circularity the chair could not use glass fibre. This would allow it to be fully recycled at the end of life, to be made into something new.

Additionally we wanted something universal in application which could therefore be incredibly long lasting. In 2010, recycled polypropylene was not available but not it is available with enough reliability to allow SixE to be made using second generation plastic.

The name is a result of the core values embodied in the design: Ergonomic, efficient, elegant, economic, easy and above all environmental. The scope of the family allows the chair to work in multiple applications: The upholstered version enables the chair to be personalized for any domestic context, cafes, education and learning spaces with SixE learn and its dedicated tablet which even offers lap top stowage, and general office and meeting spaces.

Structure and comfort work in harmony. A carefully contoured compound form echoes the human body giving great support but promoting movement. Because we wanted the chair to reflect the needs of flexibility and mobility in the modern office high density stacking was optimized.