Senator Densiti

High Densiti. Elegant function.

Densiti is a versatile, hyper-stacking seating system for some of the most demanding multi-use interior environments. Halls, auditoriums, cafes and offices place an unusual array of demands on furniture, which requires careful thought to both comfort, ergonomics and an intelligent use of space. 

40 unupholstered chairs can be stacked on a single transport trolley for easy movement around a building or campus. Of course, we designed stacking buffers for the underside of the seats to prevent damage and extend life. Upholstered chairs will stack 15 high on the trolley.

To add to the functional performance of the product, it can be specified with linking floor glides that allow chairs to be ganged securely in rows. For educational or training environments there is a detachable, folding, writing tablet available for the chrome framed version offered as both right and left handed. 

Densiti’s simple two-part shell is available in wood, nylon or upholstery finishes in a variety of colours. The harmonious, contoured seat and full-length back provide both privacy for the user when seated in rows and an elegant rear elevation. The design of the frame allows the parts to be easily disassembled at end of life. The plastic shell is 32% recycled material and 99% is recyclable.