Bene Points

Spatial furniture for agile organisations

The dynamic landscape of hybrid work requires a paradigm shift in office provision. Drawing from our deep understanding of the social, economic, and environmental challenges facing organisations at this time of radical change, we created Points for our longstanding partners Bene. We meticulously designed this comprehensive spatial furniture system to empower agile organisations to navigate changes in team dynamics, structure and physical location.

Work is constantly changing. Furniture should respond.

The nature of the office has been rapidly changing in response to accelerated hybrid work patterns, increased levels of technology in the workplace and remote participation. 

In response, our team of strategists and designers conceived Points as a beacon of adaptability, offering boundless possibilities to effortlessly create, optimise, and recalibrate inspiring workspaces. Whether in transition, reorganisation, or inception, Points provides a modular kit-of-parts that enables agile organisations to make intelligent use of space. Within Points there is colour, texture and richness underpinned by smart environmental choices. 

A comprehensive system provides endless possibilities

With Points, users are empowered to partition office spaces to meet the demands of their teams, offering a range of environments from collaborative hubs to individual work zones. The system’s versatile components, including tech walls, whiteboards, and storage solutions, foster social cohesion and effective communication. For enhanced privacy, we ensured Points seamlessly integrates with our Nooxs Think Tanks, providing completely soundproof environments.

A modular kit-of-parts for organisational expression

Our curated materials palette allows for the creation of distinct organisational identities, with custom pop-in panels and a diverse range of ‘on- and in-fills’ available in various mono-materials, zero-waste 3D knitted textiles, and tensile structures. Complemented by sensitive lighting options, add-on elements, and accessories, creating the perfect ambiance becomes effortless.

Points encourages adaptive re-use of buildings

Points champions adaptive reuse of existing buildings, aligning with global initiatives for carbon reduction and Net Zero strategies. Its free-standing structure can be assembled within existing spaces without altering fixed architecture, maximising flexibility while respecting embodied carbon in buildings.

Circular by design

Grounded in sustainability, our design process prioritises reconfigurability, reusability, and repairability, optimising carbon efficiency across a product’s lifecycle. From inception to disposal, Points embodies our commitment to responsible design and manufacturing, facilitating easy disassembly and relocation to minimise waste and resource consumption. With Points, we pave the way for a conscientious approach to workspace design and usage.

The design ethos of Points embraces adaptability, expansiveness, and component interchangeability, ensuring continued relevance and multiple lifecycles. Our strategy of dematerialisation led to zero-waste 3D knitted materials and tensile-structured textile panels as examples of how we have designed out the use of glues and non-recyclable composite materials.
Tom Lloyd Director, Pearson Lloyd