Great Western Street Studios 1:1

Exploring the interplay between people and place

As part of an exhibition of Pearson Lloyd’s work, the studio transformed the central atrium of Great Western Studios in West London with an installation entitled 1:1.

Each day during the show, 20 three-metre-long hollow timber boxes were reconfigured into a series of micro-environments. By witnessing how people used the spaces in their daily lives in groups of various sizes, for meeting, writing, eating and drinking, we were able to explore how furniture can be used to influence behaviour and manipulate space – ideas at the core of our practice.

Whether we’re designing for transport, healthcare or the workplace some of the questions we find ourselves asking are: How people who don’t know each other relate in a shared space? How can you give someone a sense of privacy without walls? How do you do this without isolating them?

Exploring this kind of tension allows us to approach briefs as rich and interesting opportunities to invent and implement solutions that feel natural and make the most of our surroundings. Following the show, the boxes were relocated to Now Gallery on the Greenwich Peninsula where there are still in use today.