Senator Contour

Contour embodies all the requirements of hybrid workplace seating: superior comfort, adaptability and ergonomics designed for a multitude of uses and users.

Hybrid comfort for hybrid work

The ways in which we work have changed. Fixed workstations have given way to hot desks, informal meeting spaces and ad-hoc creative workshops, shaped to the needs of the moment. In this new dynamic landscape, the traditional, cumbersome desk chair, with its countless personalised settings, is becoming obsolete. Today, offices need to be adaptive to foster productivity – a place for gathering and collaboration where thoughtful design and wellbeing are integral. From swivel to stool, Contour chairs are crafted for the contemporary work environment, offering versatility and ergonomic support for a range of activities.

Simple adaptability

Contour can be specified for desk work, meetings and touch-down sessions in educational and workshop environments. Its interchangeable components, including legs, arms, tablets, and an under-seat bag tray, allow for straightforward specification changes and repairs, enhancing longevity and flexibility. Contour has high-fidelity adjustments and complex mechanics stripped away in favour of a lightweight and refined structure.

Comfort through compliance

Contour provides exceptional comfort and support through a 100% recycled-plastic backrest that flexes to encourage movement. The backrest, customisable with either plastic or upholstered finishes, and seatpad are designed for easy upholstery removal to encourage repairs. The generously padded seat is contoured for edge-to-edge pressure relief, and the integrated tilt mechanism in the swivel version is ideal for medium-duration light work.

Refined form

Contour’s smart design accommodates a range of tasks and preferences. Inspired by natural elements, its backrest echoes the shapes of shells, hands, or leaves wrapping the contoured seat pad, which recalls the smooth shape of pebbles. This form ensures seamless transitions across various settings – from office spaces to educational environments and more homely environments – while maintaining visual continuity between the backrest and the seat.