Pearson Lloyd Designing for Aviation

25 years of moving people

Since the creation of  Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class seat in 2001, Pearson Lloyd has been designing award winning onboard experiences across multiple classes with world leading carriers.

Long-term partnerships with both Virgin Atlantic and the Lufthansa Group, have resulted in products that have broken new ground for the carriers and their users alike.

We have worked with OEMs (including Boeing and Airbus) and premium seating suppliers (TAS, Collins, Stelia, Recaro, Safran, Jamco & Adient) on cabin interior development on over 40+ programs to create Business, Premium Economy and Economy seating, galleys, self-service units, lavatories, third spaces, bespoke materials and finish developments for short and long-haul aircraft.

These collaborations have allowed us to develop an in-depth understanding of the supply chain and a detailed knowledge of the industry.

Designing great customer experiences

Our cross-sector experience informs our four phase design process. It’s in our discovery and foresight phases that we employ a range of tools and methods that uncover insight and facilitate design development based on the needs of the user, the brand and the planet. Some of our tools for understanding and developing great customer experiences include: Mindsets & customer journey mapping, Stakeholder engagement, Three horizons, Digital & physical prototyping and user testing.

We are ergonomic experts

From task chairs to stairlifts, airline seats to sofas, over our 27 year history, we have become passionate advocates of the importance of ergonomics in delivering real comfort and wellbeing to users. Using physical and digital prototypes for testing and stakeholder validation, we finesse the agreed concept to a developed design concept.

Receiving immediate physical ergonomic and visual feedback is delivered through continual iterative model making and 1:1 prototyping in our workshop so designers can move from ideation to proof of principle seamlessly.

We are CMF experts

We develop CMF (colour, materials and finishes) strategies to bring to life the product execution and enhance the brand delivery.

Our process

Our design services are delivered across four different phases. The Discovery phase allows us to immerse ourselves in the brand, passengers experience, industry, and mega-trends by doing interviews and creative workshops.

In the Foresight phase, we define personas and mindsets, map customer journeys, and model future landscapes that will identify opportunities for innovation and develop the brief.

During our Design phase, we develop concepts, prototypes, and ergonomic modeling that lead to a tested industrial design solution from ground-up LOPA development to innovation designs.

In our last phase Delivery, we support on project and milestones, design colour, materials and finish developments and implementations, and visualizations to deliver the project.

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